AMD RX 490 Release Date: Insider Reveals Beast Vega Card with Awesome Benchmark for VR; Arriving This Month?


The newest leak of AMD RX 490 suggests a beast Vega card ready to take on GTX 1080.

AMD RX 490 Benchmark Revealed

The specs of AMD RX 490 have been leaked in a retailer listing suggesting a 2016 release.

According to the source, RX 490 will be compatible for VR gaming. In fact, the graphics card will be gamers' top notch choice for the titles. While there is no mention about Polaris or Vega architecture, WccFtech is quite confident that the RX 490 will come out as a Vega 10-based card.

The benchmark score shows faster graphics performance that supports DirectX 12. The card has reportedly bigger bus width than 256 bits. According to HotHardware, the listing indicates a graphics card's performance as fast as the premium GTX 1080. This high-end card from AMD has all the beast specs that could be hard to resist.

AMD RX 490 Release Date in 2016

While there are rumors on CES 2017 release date, AMD could actually be gearing up for an event to launch AMD RX 490 this December. PCgamesn has learned from another source that the card is capable to meet high-end graphics card demand starting this month.

AMD RX 490 Technical Specs

Previous leaks and reports hint at a 8 GB on board memory with 24 Tflops for half precision and 12 Tflops for single precision. If RX 490 is on par with GTX 1080, then consumers can expect averagely 85 frames per second (GTX 1080 has 85-87 fps).

So far, Nvidia has been ahead of the competition by introducing low to high-end graphics card to the gaming industry. December should be the right time for AMD to release something comparable or better.

Check out the latest AMD RX 490 speculations in the video below!

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