‘Street Fighter V’ Latest News: Arcade Mode Revealed In New Gameplay Video [Watch]


Players are wanting for an arcade mode in Capcom and Dimps' "Street Fighter V" since the game was released nearly a year ago on PlayStation 4 and PC. A fan, however, went ahead and created a mod for the game's arcade mode.

Modder Resvrgam, who's a former game designer, released the gameplay video of the arcade mode for "Street Fighter V," Game Rant reported. The mod is "a combination of scripting sequences of CPU opponents in Versus Mode and adding in some new UI elements to accommodate the Arcade Mode's dependencies (a Continue Screen, etc.)"

The PC-only version of the mod is not yet available for download, and its release date is still unknown at the moment. Watch the gameplay for the arcade mode of "Street Fighter V" below.

Fans aren't entirely psyched for the available modes in "Street Fighter V" such as the story mode. They want the arcade mode, which they pointed out as an identifier of the fighting game franchise.

Modder Resvrgam is hoping that the mod will reach Capcom and convince them that "there's a viable market for investing into the arcade mode" for "Street Fighter V." The modder also pointed out that ignoring the "filthy casuals" or casual players is the primary reason behind Capcom's dismal "Street Fighter V" sales.

Capcom has strongly hinted that they plan to support "Street Fighter V" until 2020, which makes the creation of an arcade mode during those years highly possible. As of late, the only new gameplay content announced by Capcom is more characters.

The next season of "Street Fighter V" will introduce Dolls, Iori and Gill's personal assistant to the game's character roster, PVP Live listed. There are also speculations that Guile's commanding officer, Byron Taylor, would be introduced to the mix alongside six original additions.

Players clamoring for a "Super Street Fighter V" are bound to get disappointed. Capcom confirmed that they have no plans to make a "Super Street Fighter V," but assured fans of season passes that can be purchased to get additional characters. The developer also pointed out in an interview with EventHubs that "all game updates and balance adjustments" are available "for free."

What do you think of the arcade mode for "Street Fighter V?" What do you wish to see in the game in the near future? Share your thoughts below!

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