‘Prey’ Latest News & Release Date: Arkane Promises Perfect PC Version; Extra QA Time Undertaken


Arkane Studios was criticized for the disappointing performance of their action-adventure stealth game "Dishonored 2" on PC. The developer has heeded users' complaints and ensured that their next game will not have the same fate. Enter "Prey," an upcoming first-person shooter game set in a space station infested with aliens that Arkane has high hopes for.

Arkane assured gamers that the PC version of "Prey" is "flawless" unlike "Dishonored 2." Creative director Raphael Colantonio recently acknowledged on the Game Informer podcast that "Dishonored 2" had a "rough launch" on PC due to the platform's "many different configurations," but the game has since underwent patches to fix its issues.

According to Colantonio, Arkane didn't foresee the numerous and complicated demands of PC when they launched "Dishonored 2," but now they are "paying double-attention" so "Prey" will have perfect performance upon shipping. "Prey" will have extra QA time and a steadier engine so there will be no problems running on PC, GameSpot reported.

Colantonio revealed that they didn't take a risk when it comes to the engine running "Prey." The game will be backed by CryEngine, which has the "same configuration" and has already shipped in the past. The developer created a new engine for "Dishonored 2" and majority of it has been redone despite having idTech as its basis.

The trailer for "Prey" revealed the game's disturbing alien enemies that have black tendrils on their bodies. The clip also showcased various tools and weapons that the lead character Morgan Yu can use such as the pistol, shotgun, a grenade that swallows enemies and a foam gun that creates walkways, Den of Geek listed.

There's also the Gloo Gun, which freezes aliens in place and defenseless against weapons, Game Rant reported. The Gloo Gun is capable of plugging holes in gas pipes and constructing structures to solve environmental puzzles.

Weapon crafting is possible in "Prey." The crafting system will allow players to recycle their inventory junk into functioning machines.

"Prey" is expected to launch sometime in early 2017. The first "Prey" game was unveiled by Human Head Studios in 2006 for PC and Xbox 360. Arkane's "Prey" title is a complete reboot of Human Head Studios' game.

Arkane injected their own elements to the game but they also included some of the original game's components like the imaginative weapons. Arkane's "Prey" veers more towards a psychological atmosphere rather than customary sci-fi horror.

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