Xbox One S, PS4 Pro Features, Performance Comparison for 4K Gaming and More; Which One to Buy for Christmas?


Check out the comparison between Xbox One S and PS4 Pro!

Xbox One S Tech Specs

Xbox One S is a slightly-upgraded version of Xbox One. The processor is tweaked so that it clocks higher and makes the overall console's performance faster. Xbox One S HDMI output has received an upgrade from 1.4 to 2.0 and there is no Kinect jack.

Under the hood, the Microsoft's device is powered by an 8-core AMD CPU with clock base of 1.75 GHz, and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM.

PS4 Pro Tech Specs

Originally codenamed Neo, PS4 Pro has considerably larger dimensions than Xbox One S. The processor uses 8-core of AMD Jaguar chip and it's got 8 GB of GDDR5.

Performance-wise, the Pro is slightly faster and more powerful than the original PS4 due to the processor.

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro: 4K Gaming

Microsoft apparently does not design Xbox One S for 4K gaming albeit its ability to upscale video to 4K quality.

The details are quite poor when compared to PS4 Pro which is exclusively designed for 4K contents with HDR processing system. TrustedReviews has learned that PS4 Pro is able to play smoother as well.

On the other hand, Xbox One S wins over PS4 when it comes to Blu-Ray. Sony does not equip its console with such feature when it has become a standard. Xbox One S does not only support 4K but it also provides streaming services (currently available in UK for Netflix) with expected content updates coming from YouTube and Amazon, according to Pocket-Lint.

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro: Design

As far as the design is concerned, Xbox One S is smaller and sleeker. When comparing the weight of both consoles, consumers will be able to directly tell, which one is slimmer and feels more premium. The bulky PS4 Pro is less attractive than the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro Performance Comparison

Both consoles have their own key features but the Xbox One S offers higher chipset clock as the internal specs receive a few gains. On the other hand, PS4 Pro works really hard to run high graphics games and it is seldom reaching a full 1080p.

For avid gamers, PS4 is backwards compatible with 20 PS2 titles without any physical backwards. Xbox One S is backwards compatible with more than 250 titles in both forms.  

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S comparison:

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