'Overwatch' News & Update: Blizzard Announces Latest Arcade Mode; New Hero Sombra Explained! [VIDEO]


It has been almost six months since the initial release of "Overwatch" and the highly-acclaimed team-based first-person shooter has already garnered a lot of success and attention from its fans. Recently, Blizzard has announced that more content will be added to the game, such as an Arcade Mode and a new hero (Sombra), according to sources.

Fans of the game are well aware that "Overwatch" is still around in its infancy stage and that more things will definitely come along the way. This holds true as Blizzard has just recently announced the inclusion of an Arcade Mode via the game's Custom Games soon, Gamingbolt reported.

It was further mentioned that Blizzard's Game director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed on the game's official forum that a new Arcade Mode is definitely being implemented. Without divulging much information to spill beans, one thing fans can be sure of is that a one-on-one Duels have also been confirmed to be part of this.

Currently, the Arcade Mode is available to players via the game's Public Test Region (PTR), Gamingbolt learned. It was stated further that the new mode will include the one-on-one Mystery duel (which assigns random heroes to players), a 3v3 Elimination match, Mystery Heroes with a 6v6 Brawl composition, No Limits (a mode that allows hero stacking) and, lastly, Brawls.

Furthermore, Gamingbolt is of the opinion that the Arcade Mode will soon be implemented in the live version of the game before the year ends.

In other news, the Blizzcon 2016 culminated with a few more announcements, such as the upcoming new hero Sombra, Kotaku reported. In an interview with lead hero designer Geoff Goodman and artist Rachel Day, much about the new hero was discussed in relation to its upcoming release in "Overwatch."

Day and Goodman shed some light on the few iterations that Sombra has received. In the interview conducted by Kotaku, the two went on to explain that their team really focused on working on her stealth ability from being completely a hundred percent stealth to that of a reaching a middle-ground to her skill.

With all the new things coming along the way, fans of "Overwatch" can expect a lot more in the near future.

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