Graduate Careers With The Best Prospects For 2017


Many college students are close to graduating and finding jobs after they leave campus halls. Not all graduates immediately find jobs, however, and are faced with the challenge of making repayments for student loans.

With a constantly evolving climate, finding employment or establishing a stable career path is quite difficult, notes The Independent. But while some career opportunities are closing, many others are opening up for many to come in.

Andrew Gardner, Senior Divisional Director at UK-based recruitment specialist company Reed Technology, shares his perspective on the fastest growing jobs this year.

8 careers with the best prospects for 2017, according to Gardner:

Data Analyst

The skill to analyze, manipulate, and store data is highly essential to businesses in today's corporate climate. There is no shortage of work for people in this area, Gardner notes.

Technical Architect

With the digital age quickly taking root in all sectors, it pays to develop one's personal digital skills, as well as leadership skills needed to manage projects. This will set workers apart in for this role.


Possessing specific skillsets unique to the job, plumbers will remain in constant demand this year. Communication skills, combined with the knowledge to interpret water systems, is crucial.

Chief Customer Officer

Businesses will be looking for candidates with multi-channel and social media experience to handle the changing nature of customers. Candidates need to work on their communication skills as well as customer interaction skills.

HR Manager

HR roles are now becoming more strategic, working on employee engagement, support, and retention. Those hoping to get this role are advised to acquire specialist knowledge of cloud-based HR software.

Hospitality Manager

Hospitality managers are tasked with the day-to-day management of the business and staff. A passion for customer satisfaction and creativity, as well as control, is needed for the job.

Information Security Specialist

The need for information security specialists is predicted to be on the rise this year, with all the hacking and the breaches that have been happening. Those wishing to prosper in this career should work on their skills in detecting intrusion, mitigating risks, and securing data on the cloud.

Technical Sales Advisor

With the rapid advances in personal technology products such as augmented and virtual reality, a career in technical sales is also growing. Specialist knowledge in technology, coupled with excellent communication skills, will ensure a great career for many in this field.

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