Five Ways to Be a Better Employee


After sweating it out in college and getting that degree you've always wanted, now what you need to do is be the best employee that you can be. All graduates who have done well in college hope to have a great career, and this requires being the best worker that you can be.

Danni White, a graduate of Liberty University who is now pursuing graduate studies in developmental psychology, said in an article in Uloop that while it takes a good manager to make a company go, the manager also needs good workers to work with him or her. Workers who work hard, do a good job, and keep a positive attitude are the best she's ever managed, she says.

If you've included "become a better worker" in your list New Year's resolutions, here are some things that you can do to make that a reality, according to White.

Know your manager

While some managers often get the reputation of being "hard to get along with," most managers simply want employees who would care about them so that they could do the job well. Take time and make efforts to know your manager, so that you'd know how they work, how they want things done, and perhaps establish good rapport with them.

Meet or beat deadlines

If you want to be the best worker you can be, you can start by meeting deadlines or even beating them. Try to deliver ahead of specified deadlines. Come to work early, finish your job on time or ahead of it, and develop the attitude of working on an assignment as soon as it is doled out.

Managers appreciate workers who work fast and efficient. Who knows, you just might become the manager's default run-to guy for work.

Demonstrate initiative

Take initiative in your workplace. While managers do train, coach, or mentor their employees, they certainly don't like workers who want to be spoon-fed with all the instructions and directions inside the company. Your superiors will like to see you grow an interest in the company. They will also appreciate the fact that you don't need much supervision too.

Be honest

Be upfront about what you need to do your job well. Managers who have employees who are honest enough to communicate necessary job details will be happy because they will have workers who are concerned about their jobs and are interested in producing good output - not just their paychecks.

Keep your word

If you commit to finish something on time, finish it on time. Do your best to keep your word and stay true to what you have promised when you enter the company.

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