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Tesla Model 3 Production Will Incur Delays; Find Out The Reason Why


Industry observers believed that the 2017 Tesla Model 3 production will incur delays. They cite a number of reasons why.

Scepticism On Production Goal

Some industry analysts doubt that Tesla can keep its Model 3 production target. CNBC reported that the electric car company failed to keep its 2016 production goal. Originally, 80,000 vehicles was the goal but only managed to produce 76,230 plus the 2,750 models that incurred delays. These electric vehicles are comprised mainly of S and X models.

Stock analyst Brian Johnson claimed that Tesla is unlikely to deliver any Model 3 vehicle this year, according to CNBC. It's the first time that the company will manufacture this particular electric car. Elon Musk is facing various challenges in the making of this car. Ironically, strong demand for Tesla's vehicles is compounding the company's production abilities. Johnson also believes that the company will announced some sort of delay sometime this year.

Tesla Model 3 Details & Specs

The Tesla Model 3 is designated as the company's cheapest electric car model. Production goals are set at half a million vehicles within the next two years. Market reception for the upcoming electric car is overwhelming so far. Approximately 400,000 customers have already placed their reservations.

This car has a 215 miles range per charge. It can also run from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds. It has ample space for five adult and enjoys a five stars for safety. The sedan also has an autopilot and supercharging system, according to the Tesla official website. There have been reports that most of parts and accessories for the Tesla Model 3 are American made.

Price And Estimated Delivery

The Tesla Model 3 price starts at $35,000 before incentives. Customers who have already placed their reservation can get vehicle sometime in the middle of 2018 or even later. Company founder Elon Musk himself made the sales pitch for his latest electric car in a video preview.

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