Tesla Motors Gains Momentum With 1.3 Billion Miles Of Data And New Engineers From VOLVO To Improve Interiors[VIDEO]


Tesla Motors is really giving its competitors something to think about. Tesla's willingness to take the risks of introducing a self-driving car paid off. Many believed that the public is not yet ready for such an advance technology, but Tesla proved them wrong.

Tesla's 1.3 billion miles of data

Being a pioneer in any field or industry has its own set of pros and cons. In Tesla's case, the crash of Model S prompted investigation and it would seem that critics are there just waiting for Tesla's announcement that the company is going to retire the project. But Tesla kept on forging ahead and the result - a total of 1.3 billion miles of data about the different road and weather conditions that one can think of.

This kind of data is precious for car companies that are trying to dominant the electric car industry. Tesla Motors already got the upper hand. What they can learn from the data they've gathered can be limitless. They can create different sets of algorithms that can improve the safety of Tesla's self-driving cars, Bloomberg reports.

 Tesla's plan to improve its interior

After taking care of the technical side of Tesla's self-driving car, it is now time to take care of the aesthetic side. It was recently reported by Electrek that Anders Bell, previously a Senior Director of Engineering at Volvo, is now Tesla's Head of Interior Engineering. Bell has been with Volvo since 1998 and has been involved in the interior design of Volvo's famous car such as the S60L 2015 and Volvo XC902015.

With such an impressive resume when it comes to designing car interiors, Bell is going to need all his tools under his belt. Tesla Motors has been successful in providing cutting-edge technology and after sales service, but one of the main complaints of customers is the lack of impressive interior especially when compared to other luxury cars out there.

Now, imagine this. Tesla Motors - unbeatable technology and impressive interior car design under one roof. It's definitely something to think about.

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