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Tesla Model 3 versus Tesla Model S: Which Is The Best Car For You?


With at least 400,000 reservations for Tesla Model 3, it is really becoming the car-to-have in 2017. Elon Musk released a statement saying that whatever numbers of cars the company is producing for the next twelve months has been already sold out. Are you willing to wait for two years to have the Tesla Model 3 or are you going to settle for Tesla Model S?

Tesla Model 3 versus Tesla Model S

If you really want to get your hands on a Tesla car, Tesla Model S could be the next best option for you. A serious buyer can probably get a second hand for $34,000. According to Clean Technica, the Tesla Model S is quite a car. It has an incomparable traction system that can control the wheels. Owners are loving Tesla Model S 60kWh capacity - its capacity and performance is what any electric car owners are looking for.

For Tesla Model 3, a reservation fee of $1000 is required and a waiting period of probably two years. Some of the specs that were released are that the car is going to run on ion batteries and is actually going to run faster than any other Tesla cars. Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla Model 3 is going to have 'Ludicrous Mode' which can unlock the car's true potential, AutoExpress reported.

If you are willing to wait, then Tesla Model 3 is the right car for you, but while waiting why not try your hands on other Tesla models like Tesla Model S. There were some issue with the unit but according to the owners who experienced the recall, those were just minor adjustments to make the car better. Tesla's after-sales service is an efficient one and there's no major issue about the car whatsoever.

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