'Half-Life 3' News: Why It Might Take Longer For Valve To Make Another Installment; Newell Wants To Be Strategic [VIDEO]


It is another year with fans and avid gamers alike waiting yet again for Valve to finally release a new installment on one of its acclaimed franchise "Half-Life." However, there have been reports that indicate that it might actually take Valve a long time before they start developing a "Half-Life 3" game. As such, sources have noted Gabe Newell discussing to fans what Valve's approach is when it comes their older titles.

It was previously reported that that rumors surrounding a "Half-Life 3" would stretch as far as suggesting that the game will be released any time soon, despite the fact that Valve has been silent about the idea for years, University Herald noted.

It was stated therein that rumors of a "Half-Life 3" might be released sometime next year and that it would even capable of being played in VR. However, this might not be the case all together as there have been no signs of Valve actually confirming this speculation.

That being said, Gabe Newell and Valve's business development lead Erik Johnson went on to an interview and gave some insight as to what fans can expect from the company, which could enlighten fans about other rumored future titles like the "Half-Life 3," Polygon has learned.

When coaxed to hinting at a possible "Half-Life 3" game, Newell went on to discuss that the company loves the games and all the characters and universes and story lines that were made for their older titles, which included "Team Fortress," "Left 4 Dead," and "Half-Life." However, he said that he wants Valve to be strategic on how it would develop its games.

But this might not mean that fans won't see a "Half-Life 3" in the future. Previous reports have  already suggested that Valve hasn't upfront and crystal clear with their fans on their plans of having a "Half-Life 3" in the future or not, Digital Spy cited.

The source noted Newell saying that the only reason for them to ever go back and start developing on a classictitle is if a handful of their team suddenly decides that they want to do it with a reason of doing so.

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