'Devil May Cry 5' Reported To Be Hinted At DMC 4 Ending; Ninja Theory Not Working On DmC Franchise [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike would agree that they' have waited for quite some time now for developers to release and confirm the developments of a fifth installment to the critically-acclaimed action-adventure hack and slash video game franchise, "Devil May Cry." As such, numerous sources went on to speculate as to whether a "Devil May Cry 5" might actually be in development, especially after reports of a "Devil May Cry 5" being hinted during the ending scene in the fourth installment. However, Ninja Theory has stated that they are not working on any "DMC" related game, according to sources.

It was previously reported that Capcom will be reviving its dormant IPs and/or other series that have not received any new entries lately, University Herald noted. As such, rumors have suggested that a possible "Devil May Cry 5" may be considered by the company to be developed.

As such, these speculations could only support a previous rumor as well that the ending scene of "Devil May Cry 4" actually hinted on a possible "Devil May Cry 5" game still in the works, Attack of the Fanboy learned. It was said that fans who were able to complete the hardest difficulty in the special-edition of the fourth installment were teased with a possible "Devil May Cry 5."

The image that hinted on a possible "Devil May Cry 5" game was tweeted by a user, named HyperBitHero, who said that the hype for the fifth installment was definitely real. It was said that the screenshot would be visible once players finish the "DMC 4" game on "Heaven or Hell" mode.

In addition, the screenshot and the caption contained therein congratulates players for finishing the game and that they can expect to see them again in the next "Devil May Cry" game. As such, this would only leave to further speculations that a "Devil May Cry 5" will still be developed by Capcom.

However, it would seem that Ninja Theory (the studio behind the "DmC" game) will not be invlolved in a possible "Devil May Cry 5" game as they've announced that they are not working on anything "DmC" related nor are they planning in doing so, God is a Geek reported.

As such, it would seem that it depends on Capcom on whether or not fans will be able to get to see a "Devil May Cry 5" being developed in the future.

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