'Left 4 Dead 3' News: Top 5 Things Fans Want To See; Turtle Rock Studios Developing New FPS Instead! [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike have been waiting endlessly for the release of a "Left 4 Dead 3" game. With the year wrapping up in just a few days, it seems unlikely that fans will suddenly get to see a third installment being released this 2016. However, sources have taken note of the top five things that fans want to see in the game. Moreover, news have shown that the developers behind the "Left 4 Dead" franchise are focusing on a new IP, according to sources.

Albeit the fact that there hasn't been concrete news of a "Left 4 Dead 3" being released anytime soon, fans have voiced out the top five things they want to see in the third installment, Digital Spy has learned.

First off in their list of the top five things fans want to see in "Left 4 Dead 3" is a weapons mod for the game. For a game like "Left 4 Dead," fluidity in gameplay progression is crucial and having to craft weapons might be a hindrance. As such, fans would rather have a weapons mod where they can just easily pick them up and modify their weapons quickly.

Next on the list of top five things that fans want to see in "Left 4 Dead 3" is for Valve to make it a bit more open-world. The source went on to discuss that by doing this, each level of the game would have more replayability. Adding a variety of ways for players to throw off the zombies would definitely vary the experiences each playthrough.

The third thing fans want to see in "Left 4 Dead 3" is to make the world more interactive. The franchise has already made a few things in the world capable of being triggered, such as the car's alarm that would attract zombies. In the same vein, fans would like more things to interact in a similar way, like turning on a television to distract zombies or using the environment to dispose them in case players run out of ammo.

Next in the list of the top five things fans want to see in a "Left 4 Dead 3" game would be character customization, wherein players are given an opportunity to access an array of skins and outfits. Lastly, fans would of course want a better story for "Left 4 Dead 3."

However, it might all depend on whether the developers of the game would heed to their fans request. In the meantime, it was reported that Turtle Rock Studios (the studio behind the success of "Left 4 Dead") have announced that they are focusing on a new "dark fantasy" co-op fps game, PC Gamer reported.

That being said, fans will have to wait a bit more for any news confirming a "Left 4 Dead 3" game being made in the future.

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