'Half-Life 3' Rumored To Be VR-Ready & Released In 2018; Gabe Newell Discusses Plans On Older Titles [VIDEO]


Fans and avid gamers alike would know that it has almost been ten years since Valve has released a new installment on its "Half-Life" franchise, with "Half-Life 2: Episode Two," which was released back in October of 2007. As such, the rumors surrounding the possibility of a "Half-Life 3" game have slowly amassed that hinted to a 2018 release date and that the game would even be playable in VR. As such, sources have noted Gabe Newell discussing to fans what Valve's approach is when it comes their older titles.

It was previously reported that Valve has snubbed the more popular user-submitted category of "The 'Game Most In Need Of A Sequel'" for its first-ever Steam Awards, which implied on having Valve finally release a "Half-Life 3" game, University Herald reported.

It would not come as a surprise to fans as well that rumors surrounding a "Half-Life 3" would stretch as far as suggesting that the game will be released any time soon, despite the fact that Valve has been mum about the idea for years.

As such, fans may or not be aware of the rumor that a "Half-Life 3" game will be released sometime in 2018, Neurogadget noted. It even added that the game would be capable of being played in VR.

The source noted that the rumors surrounding the development of a "Half-Life 3" game would require a third of the entire team at Valve in order to get the game released in time in 2018 and be VR-ready, as well.

It was also mentioned that the reason that these speculations are focused and hinged on the possibility that "Half-Life 3" would be in VR is the fact that a lot of companies are following suit on making games in virtual reality.

That being said, a previous interview with Gabe Newell could shed light to fans, who are heavily expecting a "Hal-Life 3" coming soon, as to how and what Valve thinks their approach should be when it comes to their older titles, Polygon reported.

In the interview, Newell went on to express that he understands why fans are clamoring for a "Hal-Life 3" game. He compared it similarly as being a fan of TV shows, writers, movies, and such. He knows how fans worry that they might never get to experience the moments they've had with their previous "Half-Life" games.

However, he also said that Valve would have to be strategic when it comes to their older titles, which would affect whether a "Half-Life 3" game will be released soon. As such, fans will have to wait a bit more until we hear from Newell or Valve on whether they've finally decided to release a third installment to the acclaimed franchise.

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