The Simplest New Year's Resolutions College Students Should Make

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There's no stopping 2017 from taking over. College students should be hopeful for the coming year and make the necessary lifestyle changes to be better.

These are just some advice on how to be the best that you can be for the next year. Check out which ones work for you and add your own tips on becoming productive for 2017.

Get enough sleep

College students are notorious for neglecting sleep. This is one bad habit that needs to be broken for 2017. Sleep is your body's way of regenerating itself and getting enough of it can do wonders on your physical, mental and emotional health. reported that sleep helps improve one's memory. It's unhealthy to sacrifice your sleep to study all night for an exam. Another benefit of sleep is that is spurs creativity.

Get moving

Another lifestyle change that college students need to incorporate into their daily routine for 2017 is regular exercise. Even just 30 minutes daily is enough to boost your energy for the day.

According to the American Intercontinental University, it was found that exercise not only boosts one's mood but it also increases focus and concentration. It can also help student manage stress.

Get healthy food

College students are known to make unhealthy decisions when it comes to food. Most just live on ramen noodles and pizza.

In a piece by The Huffington Post, GatorWell Health Promotion Specialist Shannon Kirkpatrick suggested the "plate method" in planning a healthier meal. It focuses on filling half a plate with fruits and vegetables and dividing the other half with protein and some type of grain. Check out these healthy meals that students can easily make in their dorm rooms.

Go Out More Often

Make it a point to socialize. College is the best time to widen your network. Networking is one of the best tools you can use when you go job hunting. It was previously reported that reaching out to your network can help you get ahead in your career. There are different ways that your contacts and acquaintances can help you in your job hunt.

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