Boost Your Health This 2017, Try These Simple Yet Effective Steps

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The new year is a sign that people need to make some positive changes in their lives and part of it is becoming healthier than the previous year. Now is the perfect time to refocus on your health so that you can feel your best.

The holidays have brought in various unhealthy habits from overeating to binging on alcohol to sleep deprivation. These things should change and small changes in your lifestyle should begin according to experts.

Here are the very easy yet helpful changes you should adapt for a healthier new year.

Hit the sheets earlier on Tuesdays

According to Daily Mail, a research suggests that Tuesday is the only day of the week when sleep is most restorative as 55 percent of the sleep you get can get you revitalized, while only 48 percent of the sleep you get on Friday and Saturday revitalizes your brain and body.

Fry your veggies instead of boiling them

If you thought that boiling vegetables is a lot healthier, a study published in the journal Food Chemistry suggests that when you fry your veggies, you are boosting their disease-fighting substances called phenolic compounds, which can help increase your resistance to serious diseases like cancer and diabetes. But you have to take note that olive oil is what you should be using when frying.

Find time for exercise

When you move more, your body is bound to feel better, according to Infusion Express. You do not have to really sign up for a gym membership in order to work out, you can at least make it a habit to walk around a block going to and from work, or spend 10 minutes every day for simple routines you can perform at home.

Improve your diet

You don't have to make drastic changes in your diet right away but you can do something as simple as drinking more water and cutting down on soda and alcohol. You can also start incorporating foods such as fruits and vegetables in your diet little by little.

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