The Science of Happiness: Habits Happy People Adapt That Cultivates Positivity

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If you are asking what is the secret to happiness, well it's something that you can learn just like any other skill.

The happiest people are the ones who follow a certain set of habits that give them peace and positivity in their lives. if you also learn how to adapt these habits in your life, you'll surely have a better quality in your every day life and and be happier.

Write down the things you are thankful for

Having the self-awareness of the things that make you feel blessed to be alive is an excellent way to lift up your spirit. In a study by the psychologists from UC Davis, they found out that the participants who kept a gratitude journal felt more optimistic and are more satisfied with their lives. If you have not tried this habit, now is the perfect time to start.

Let go of grudges

Grudges are one of the heaviest things that can weigh you down because it makes you hold on to resentment and anger. However when you learn to forgive, you will be freed from all the negativity that stands in the way of your own happiness.

Drink just the right amount of coffee

Studies suggest that drinking coffee can actually boost your mood. It is because it stimulates your nervous system and boost your mental alertness.

Do not compare yourself with others

Everybody is unique and often living different lives under various circumstances. Don't measure your worth by comparing yourself with the people around you. How you think of yourself is detrimental to your happiness. Make sure that you measure your success based on your own progress, and not the life events of others.

Spend money on others and not on yourself

This does not mean you can't spend your own earnings for yourself but sharing what you have will make you happier, according to a 2008 study. When you make other people happy, you will also experience a higher level of happiness and self-fulfillment.

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