GDC 2017: 'Oxenfree's' Sean Krankel To Give Talk In Creating Better Game Narratives; Discounted Passes Ends In Jan. 18 [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike have witnessed the year filled with a handful of gaming conventions and expos that gave them a peek into the development of the gaming industry and other things that they could expect in the following years ahead. As the year wounds up, fans can expect another series of conventions starting off with the GDC 2017 (Game Developers Convention) to kick things off next year. With it, the convention will be featuring the producer behind the acclaimed "Oxenfree" game to discuss some points in developing games. Moreover, fans can check the discounted passes being offered until Jan. 18 of 2017.

It was recently reported that the organizers behind the aniticipated GDC 2017 have already signed up Sean Krankel, co-founder of Night School Studio, to give a talk on how to design a game that would highlight its narrative, Gamasutra noted.

It was stated therein that during the events in GDC 2017, the "Oxenfree" producer will be elaborating on the various design decisions that they've made when developing the well-received supernatural thriller game, which was heavily anchored in communication and exploration.

It was further stated that fans attending the GDC 2017 talk will be able to see where the studio succeeded and failed at trying to create the perfect balance of game mechanics and player purpose by merging storytelling and gameplay as closely as possible.

On that note, fans who are planning ahead to attend the GDC 2017event can still save a few more dollars by registering early on via their official website. It was pointed out therein that the deadline to register these passes at a discounted price will be until the 18th of January next year.

Fans can expect the GDC 2017 to take place from Feb. 27 until March 3 at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco.

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