Xbox News: Microsoft Reveals Games With Gold Lineup For January 2017; Phil Spencer Wants Scorpio To Be Affordable [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike of the popular Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles are well accustomed with its Games with Gold lineup that are being announced on a regular basis. As such, it would seem that Microsoft has already been preparing for the new year up ahead as it just unveiled its list for Xbox Games with Gold Lineup for January 2017. Moreover, Phil Spencer intends to make the Xbox One Scorpio pegged at an affordable price, according to sources.

It was recently announced that the list for Xbox Games with Gold Lineup was just released for the month of January 2017, Gamespot reported. The source went on to note four games that will be made available for free to all Xbox One and 360 users.

First off, it was said that "World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap" will be available to fans for free as part of the XboxGames with Gold Lineup on Jan. 1 next year. "Deathtrap" is a tower-defense game with strong action RPG elements.

Along with it, "The Cave" will also be released for free on the Xbox 360. Double Fine's puzzle-platform adventure video game was published by Sega in January 2013 for all major platforms. It was based off Ron Gilbert's idea of about a cave that lures people into it to explore their darker personality traits.

Then on the 16th of January, it was also mentioned that both "Killer Instinct Season 2" and "Rayman Origins" will be free to fans of the Xbox 360. The source also went on to remind fans that Xbox One users can also enjoy both of these releases via the backwards compatibility that the console has.

In other news, head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, stated that he wants the Xbox One Scorpio to be at a console price-point, iDigital Times reported. He mentioned further that since they are focusing on one spec that will matter to the consumers, they'd be able to look at balancing between all the components in order to price the console better.

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