'Street Fighter V' DLC Reported To Feature New Characters In Season 2 Cast; Game Director Explains More Details [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike, who are well aware of the success of Capcom's platform fighting genre "Street Fighter V" franchise, will be surprised to know that the upcoming DLCs for the game will feature new characters being brought in to the game's universe as part of the upcoming Season 2 Cast, according to sources. Moreover, the game's director goes on to elaborate more details to fans regarind the future of the game.

It was previously reported that Capcom has reassured to its fans that it will continue to support "Street Fighter V" with more updates and DLCs to come, University Herald reported. In a separate interview with Famitsu, Ono was reported to have mentioned Capcom's intent to further develop the game until the year 2020 or so.

That being said, it was suggested that fans can expect new characters being brought it to "Street Fighter V" with the upcoming DLC, PVP Live noted. It was said that a lot of speculations have risen as well since the Season 2 DLC teaser deck was shown.

The source noted a post in NeoGAF that featured a rough overlay of a character constructed from one of the silhouettes featured in the "Street Fighter V" DLC teaser. As such, rumors have circulated around that could see the return of Dudley. However, some have suggested that the new characters might include Byron Taylor, the commanding officer of Guile.

With that in mind, a separate report has shown that the characters teased in the "Street Fighter V" DLC for its second season will feature new fighters that have never been seen in the game's universe before, Eventhubs has learned.

After the announcements made during the Capcom Cup 2016, the game's director Takayuki Nakayama said that the five characters will be brand new to "Street Fighter V" via its DLC. As for Akuma, he said that he will be the start of the second season for the acclaimed fighting game.

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