'Street Fighter V' News & Update: Akuma Never Confirmed Says Ono; Capcom Plans To Support Game Until 2020


Fans are well aware of the long-standing success of Capcom's platform fighting genre "Street Fighter V" franchise. After the developers recently launched a video featuring Akuma in "Street Fighter V," fans might be shocked when they hear that he may not appearing in the game after all. Despite the confusion behind this, Capcom has made it clear to their fans that they will definitely be supporting the game for a long time in the coming future.

It was reported earlier this month that Akuma appeared in the teaser trailer for "Street Fighter V" in this year's upcoming PlayStation Experience, which hinted a lot to fans that Akuma might actually be a playable character after all, PlayStation Lifestyle learned.

However, this might not actually be the case as an interview with Famitsu via EventHubs revealed that Akuma was never confirmed to be part of the game. "Street Fighter V" Producer, Yoshinori Ono, stated that they never said to their fans that Akuma will be in the game.

Ono further elaborated that the video that was recently launched was never a means to convey to their fans that Akuma will be coming to "Street Fighter V." The video was released to show people what they would experience in Sony's upcoming event.

It seems that Capcom has something in store for their fans as Ono mentioned that fans can expect something that might catch them off guard in a good way. It seems that fans ought to be keen on the announcements that will be made during the PlayStation Experience 2016.

In other news, fans are thrilled to hear that Capcom has confirmed that it will be supporting the game until 2020, Gamespot reported. In a separate interview with Famitsu, Ono was reported to have mentioned Capcom's intent to further develop the game until the year 2020 or so.

Ono also mentioned that the company is aiming to solidify "Street Fighter V" as an eSports title. He elaborated that the more fans participate in the game, the bigger the tournaments will be, which will affect sales that will determine the franchise's future.

With all theses said, it seems that fans can expect a lot from Capcom and its acclaimed "Street Fighter 5" title.

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