‘Dragon Quest XI’ Big Earnings Expected On Nintendo Switch! New Gameplay Showcases Dragon-Riding; Different PS4 & 3DS Music


Expectations are big about Square Enix's "Dragon Quest XI." A new gameplay has been released for the title and details were recently shared about the music of its PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS versions.

"Dragon Quest XI" composer Koichi Sugiyama said that both of the game's PS4 and Nintendo 3DS versions will have the same, new music arrangements, NintendoEverything reported. However, those pieces carry a unique element in each platform.

Sugiyama revealed that he wrote the main theme song of the original "Dragon Quest" game in just five minutes, adding that he was only given a week to complete that title's soundtrack. Despite the short amount of completion time required of him, Sugiyama was confident that he'd finish his task in that period.

The recently released gameplay for "Dragon Quest XI" showcased various actions such as flying, combat and camping, Niche Gamer listed (via Games Jouhou). The game's protagonist was shown riding the back of a dragon and soaring with it to the skies.

The Nintendo 3DS version of "Dragon Quest XI" has a feature that isn't seen on the PS4 version. In the former, the party members follow the lead characters as they travel throughout the world, Siliconera noted.

Players can recover both their HP and MP during camping and carry out different tasks, including patrolling, smithing and praying to the Goddess. "Dragon Quest XI" has a menu that displays various weapons that players can craft. The required materials and the level of difficulty needed are also indicated alongside the weapons. Check out the new "Dragon Quest XI" footage below.

Aside from the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS, "Dragon Quest XI" will also roll out on the Nintendo Switch in Japan sometime this year. The game's release on the Nintendo Switch holds more significance than the rest, though. Its release on said platform is expected to generate huge sales, according to Forbes.

"Dragon Quest" is one of the biggest gaming series from Japan and its introduction to Nintendo's new console can push other Japanese mid-tier studios to the Switch. "Dragon Quest" has "a history of catapulting Japanese consoles into market dominance across the world," Forbes added.

"Dragon Quest XI's" release on the PS4 should not be taken lightly, and the added impact of the Nintendo Switch and 3DS only cements the game's highly possible dominance in the worldwide market. What are you most excited about in "Dragon Quest XI?" Share your thoughts below!

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