2016’s Worst Video Games: What Made ‘7 Days To Die,’ ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Umbrella Corps’ & More Suck


This year welcomed excellent game titles for the enjoyment of players everywhere. Unfortunately, 2016 was also the year where less-than-stellar titles were released. Read on below to see which of the games released this year didn't capture gamers and critics' hearts.

The reception towards "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" was akin to what the cinematic reboot directed by Paul Feig received. According to GamingBolt, every stage in "Ghostbusters" is "more or less the same and littered with huge open spaces that look all too familiar."

The "Ghostbusters" game showcased unique characters that weren't portrayed both in the original and reboot movies. The characters are armed with traditional shooter weaponry instead of the more popular Proton Packs.

"Ghostbusters" wasn't deemed by players as challenging enough, Game Rant wrote. Levels were unnecessarily long and tedious. Major technical issues were also seen in the game.

The Fun Pimps Entertainment's "7 Days to Die" was another title that earned boos from the gaming community. Launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, "7 Days to Die" was described by WWG as "terrible" because of its bad graphics and unstable controls. Gamers saw glitches, bugs, and awful combat gameplay in the open world survival horror game, which puts players in a fight with zombie hordes as they look for various tools to survive.

Players didn't hold back in criticizing Capcom's "Umbrella Corps" either. The multiplayer shooter game, which launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, was slammed for its "hideous control scheme that never comes together" even though a few of the tactics are good, WWG further wrote.

The maps of "Umbrella Corps" were seen by many as dull. Gamers also complained of the lack of other players to compete against.

Platinum Games' "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan" was also disappointing. The developer has an excellent track record in their other titles, and something as bad as this game was just unacceptable for some.

Game Rant wrote that the hack-and-slash mechanics of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" gave a "dumbed-down experience" that wasn't challenging at all -- neither was it fun. Users also had issues with the game's intolerance of playing with friends. Some of them found out that playing with pals over the internet and completing missions in multiplayer mode doesn't translate to single-player mode.

This means that they have to redo their progress solo if they want to finish the game. That fueled many players' ire, and spending more time in the game than what was necessary can be annoying.

What other games released this year disappointed you? Share your thoughts below!

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