Top 50 Global Universities with the Most Employable Graduates


For students who go to college in the hopes of establishing a great career that pays off well in the long run, going to universities or colleges that produce graduates with the best job prospects would be a great choice.

Thankfully, Times Higher Education has released the list of global universities that produce the most employable graduates, reports The Independent. The "Global University Employability Survey" ranks the universities based on various factors that make a certain graduate employable.

The list, topped by universities in the U.S., U.K., and Japan, also includes other respected educational institutions in Asia and other nations.

Here are the top 50 universities, in descending order.

California Institute of Technology (U.S.)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.)

Harvard University (U.S.)

University of Cambridge (U.K.)

Stanford University (U.S.)

Yale University (U.S.)

University of Oxford (U.K.)

Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Princeton University (U.S.)

University of Tokyo (Japan)

Boston University (U.S.)

Columbia University (U.S.)

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong)

University of Toronto (Canada)

National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Imperial College London (U.K.)

Peking University (China)

McGill University (Canada)

University of California, Berkeley (U.S.)

Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)

HEC Paris (France)

Australian National University (Australia)

King's College London (U.K.)

University of Manchester (U.K.)

IE University (Spain)

EMLYON (France)

ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland)

Duke University (U.S.)

Johns Hopkins University (U.S.)

Brigham Young University (U.S.)

LMU Munich (Germany)

University of Edinburgh (U.K.)

école Normale Supérieure (France)

Dartmouth College (U.S.)

école Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Mines ParisTech (France)

Fudan University (China)

Indian Institute of Science (India)

New York University (U.S.)

Brown University (U.S.)

University of California, Los Angeles (U.S.)

CentraleSupélec (France)

école Polytechnique (France)

University of Montreal/HEC (Canada)

London School of Economics and Political Science (U.K.)

University of British Columbia (Canada)

University of Melbourne (Australia)

University College London (U.K.)

University of Sydney (Australia)

Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany)

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