Boost Your Mood and Energy,Take Short, Frequent Breaks At Work ,Studies Advise


Being very busy at work, like you always have been, can pose some serious and negative consequences for your health, but according to studies, taking a few minutes to walk can make a difference. According to scientists, the power of taking short, frequent breaks at work can do wonders not only to becoming more productive, but also to becoming happier.

The researchers explained that prolonged hours of uninterrupted sitting is associated with the development of health problems like diabetes, depression, obesity and other health concerns, according to Mail Online.

The researchers from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center and the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute conducted a study among 30 adults where they discovered the benefits linked to 5 minute activity sessions. They found out that participants who spend 5 minutes of walking have shown an increase in their energy levels. Among the finding were the improvement of the participants' mood and reduced levels of fatigue.

The scientists further explained that microbouts of activity when at work can produce sustained effects and benefits throughout the day compared to just performing a single activity in the morning.

Also, in a previous study by psychology professor Alejandro Lleras from the University of Illinois, cited by Buffer, he explained that imposing breaks on yourself when facing or doing long tasks can help your brain stay focused on the task. He said that when you deactivate and reactivate your goals during your mental break, it is easier to stay focused.

So maybe you shouldn't really feel guilty about taking breaks at all because it has now become a scientific proven method for becoming more productive, and staying energetic and happy with your work. Be more efficient and use some downtime to refresh and recharge.

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