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James Cook University Veterinary Class Strips For Charity


When it comes to charity, there are a lot of ways to get people's attention. In this case, a group of students from the James Cook University Veterinary Science class is hoping to raise money for mental health by taking their clothes off and get their pictures taken.

These Aussie students think it is an ingenious way to raise funds for a mental health charity, as reported by the Daily Star. Stripping and getting their pictures taken in a farm, these students show off their bare behinds. The future veterinarians of Australia gladly sits on fences and ride horses but they are not fully nude. The set ensures strategically placed ornaments to hide any unmentionables.

Standing and riding bare, they risk sunburn while feeding cows and kangaroos and other animals they are going to care for in the future. The publication also reports that there is also a helicopter involved. This is all in an effort to raise awareness about depression which is one of the leading mental health issues in the country and also around the world.

The students from James Cook University is teaming up with "Tie Up the Black Dog." It is a charity organization in rural Queensland that supports people who are struggling with mental health issues in some isolated rural areas in Queensland.

For Chloe Trompf, a student at James Cook University, the idea happened when they were thinking of having a fund raising event for their graduation ball. For Trompf and the rest of the students, taking their clothes off also raises awareness and removes the stigma about the human naked body. She mirrors this with their cause about how they are removing the stigma of mental illness.

Trompf goes on to say that there is nothing sexual in what they are doing. All in the name of good cause, the James Cook University calendar can be purchased from Vets Uncovered. This is the second naked calendar from the school.

Watch the calendar's behind the scenes in the video below:

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