Ramapo College Students Petition For Dany DeVito As Commencement Speaker For 2017 Graduation


Rutgers University is busy trying to get the attention of day time TV show host Ellen DeGeneres as their commencement speaker for next year's graduating class. While that is happening, the students from Ramapo College are trying to get actor and comedian Danny Devito to come to their school as their guest celebrity commencement address speaker.

Danny DeVito himself hails from New Jersey and the students from Ramapo has their hearts set on getting him to attend, as reported by New Jersey. To make this dream become a reality, over five hundred students have already signed a petition calling on the New Jersey celebrity to come over to the Mahwah college, as reported by Change. The petition reads that DeVito represents the school as a person who started his career and life as an underdog but eventually outshines everybody.

Senior students from Ramapo, Nick Perez and James Perlas, are leading the petition. Their online statement explains that Danny DeVito is the primary example of someone who presents a positive future especially nowadays where things constantly change and are bound for uncertainty. And since the actor is a celebrity local himself, his experience and colorful career would be a great statement for a success story.

The class of 2017 are keen on getting him to talk about how his life can influence students to think positively as they enter the world of employment. School officials are also supporting the students' sentiments. The college's official Twitter account has already tagged Danny DeVito's handle, asking him to talk about how RCNJ has already petitioned him to be the next 2017 Commencement address speaker.

Angela Saidone who is the college's spokesperson, said that they have not received a response from Danny DeVito yet. Saidone admits it is very ambitious but agrees that it is good for the students. The graduation will be held at the Prudential Center in Newark on May 11, 2017.

Watch Danny Devito's interview below where he reacts to babies that look like him:

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