Pokemon Go Game Develops Skills In Teachers


Growing never stops. From childhood to adulthood, everyone continues to grow. But as adults, it is often times hard to develop a growth mindset. This is where Pokemon Go comes in.

A teacher gets tutored by her son in playing the popular game. How can Pokemon Go develop a growth mindset with this teacher?

When Pokemon Go became popular in July, it attracted the hearts and fancies of millions of kids and adults. But these adults were already fans of the franchise way before Pokemon Go happened. That is why this teacher was very hesitant at first. Starr Sackstein teaches writing and journalism in New York City. She is a National Board-certified teacher and the New York director for the Journalism with different published books related to her work, as reported by Lulu.

Now the teacher is getting some taught by her own son, as reported by Ed Week. Starr Sackstein learned how to fight and grab Pokemons like Pikachu and Snorlax. She got on board the Pokemon Go craze in late September this year. She calls her son a very good teacher. At first she was embarrassed because she could not throw the ball in the right direction.

However, upon the insistence of her son, she tried and tried until she got it right. She eventually learned how to do other things related to Pokemon Go. Ultimately her son, Logan, wanted her to start fighting in gyms but Starr was afraid she would be horrible at it.

Learning curves are present even in adults and teachers. First she was afraid to try things she did not understand and fears embarrassment. Which is why she needed to practice just like with everything else.

Months later, her son declared that she is better than he is at Pokemon Go. Technology and games are a struggle for most adults but for this teacher, everyone should stop worrying about being bad at something. In order for people to grow, everyone needs to keep trying and keep practicing.

Want to know more about Pokemon Go? Watch the video below!

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