College Life And What Fits: Healthy Meals You Can Make In Your Dorm Room


For a lot of students, college is the first time that they will ever be truly independent. It will be the first time that they will have to clean up after themselves and cook their own meals.

It may seem like such a struggle to eat healthy while in college. True, junk food and instant meals are the easy way out. However, you body will thank you in the long run if you take care of it as early as your college years.

USA Today College has shared six healthy meals that college students can do in the comfort of their dorm rooms. These are easy and quick to put together. Plus, they're healthy, too.

1. Fruit and Nut Wrap

Aside from the ingredients, all you will need is a serrated knife. It is made with whole-grain tortilla, nut butter and any combination of fruits.

2. Fruit and Oatmeal Bowl

For those who have a microwave in their dorm rooms, just pop in some instant oats in there. Afterwards, to make it tastier, you can add some berries or sliced bananas.

3. Eggs in a Mug

One of the best sources of protein, eggs are tasty and healthy at the same time. For this recipe, all you will need is a mug, cooking spray, eggs, veggies, cheese as well as salt and pepper.

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4. Tacos

Tacos are super easy to make. Plus, they also can be the closest thing to a meal without the hard work. Moreover, if you buy pre-cooked chicken strips, you won't need to cook anything at all!

5. Smoothie

Smoothies rose to popularity because of cleansing diets. There are a lot of healthy smoothie recipes on the Internet. You can also experiment on different combinations of fruits.

6. Avocado Toast

This recipe needs a toaster, a frying pan, stove and a knife. It is a combination of whole-grain toast, protein from eggs as well as healthy fats from avocados.

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