'Dead Rising 4' Going For $30 Or Less Barely A Month After Release [Video]


Barely a month after its release, "Dead Rising 4" is selling versions of the game for as low as $30 or less.

"Dead Rising 4" is being sold for $30 over at Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop. For those who have a Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU) membership card, they can get further discounts up to 20 percent when purchasing at Best Buy, bringing the price down to $24.

There is a standard, physical edition of "Dead Rising 4." Both Best Buy and GameStop also carry the digital version of the game marked down to $30 although this version is not eligible for the GCU discount. The Digital Deluxe edition, which originally retails for $80 can now be bought for only $50. However, if you purchase this version from Amazon, you will have to add $10 more from the sale price for a total of $60, which still is cheaper from the retail price, by $20, according to GameSpot. Amazon Prime offers free shipping to Prime members.

According to WWG, there is no prior announcement when the deal offer is going to end. Players who are interested in "Dead Rising 4" is called upon to take advantage of the discounted prices before it becomes too late. The game has a lot of zombie bashing fun wherein players can also create new weapons in the game. Frank West returns as the protagonist of the "Dead Rising 4" who will help you bash heads with a bat wrapped in Christmas lights, or running zombies over with a newly built Kill-o-Watt.

"Dead Rising 4" is only available for the Xbox One and PC at the moment and it is not an Xbox Play Anywhere game. However, the digital version of the "Dead Rising 4" supports Play Anywhere for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Players should also note that the game lacks a campaign co-op support, diverting its co-op multiplayer to a separate mode.

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