'Plants vs Zombies Heroes': Tips, Tricks & Cheats; Heroes Hack Gives Unlimited Gems And Coins [Video]


"Plants vs. Zombies Heroes" is the latest iteration of the Plants vs Zombies franchise from PopCap Games and published through Electronic Arts aims for players to collect heroes with superpowers to build the ultimate battle team. The latest version now allows players to pick whether they are on the side of plants or the zombies.

Like any game, players would want to dominate and beat the game. This time, "Plants vs. Zombies Heroes" use play cards to create lines of defense, whichever side you decide to play for to win the ultimate battle for dominance of the lawn, according to Gamezebo.

The following are tips and advice comes from none other than the game's producer, Rob Watkins, Heavy reported. Accordingly, the following tips, tricks, and cheats could help you advance in "Plants vs. Zombies Heroes" easier.

Putting four copies of Key Cards in your deck - is integral to how your deck performs. Having these cards on the deck increases the chances you will be able to draw them in the game.

Keep track of your cost curve - although expensive cards can deal much damage, you must reserve them for latter parts of the game to ensure victory.

Spend your all your suns or brains for each turn - formulate a plan to exhaust them since leftover resources cannot be carried over to the next round.

Synergy is key - card combinations that work together to make your stand more effective.

Matching strategies - each hero can use four different super powers in two classes of cards. Pick cards that attack early that your hero can support that attack later in the game.

Be aware of card placement - card placement is an important strategy. Consider placing cards that destroy the enemy while leaving yours alive.

Battles are arranged from left to right - this is important to note for you to know which cards to place and where.

Tap Cards - tapping on cards in the field will give you a description of what the card does. This way you will know which cards to place to fight the card.

Edit your deck - always examine your deck when you get new cards. That way, you can improve on your existing design.

Check out "Deck Builders Lab" on YouTube - More tips are available right here.

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