‘Digimon World: Next Order’ Coming Exclusively For PS4, Upsets PS Vita Owners [Video]


Earlier this year, Bandai-Namco rolled out Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth that is a deviation of the kiddy fare Digimon. Now, Bandai-Namco is about to roll out "Digimon World: Next Order" coming early 2017.

However, unlike Cyber Sleuth that came out on the PS4 and PS Vita, "Digimon World: Next Order" is coming to North America exclusively on the PS4, and PS Vita owners are not happy about it. Incidentally, "Digimon World: Next Order" was released in Japan originally just for the PS Vita.

According to YouTube comments on "Digimon World: Next Order" announcement trailer, most players vented their frustration, with some citing "No Vita, no buy." One commenter even said that not everyone has the time to sit in front of the TV all day in order to play, Kotaku reported.

"Digimon World: Next Order" PS4 features

"Digimon World: Next Order" will feature enhanced and enriched graphics, as announced by Bandai-Namco at a pre-Tokyo Game Show event. Accordingly, the game will feature a better balance, which would make the console port more difficult than the PS Vita (Japan) original, and will include 12 new playable Digimon that include: MarineAngemon, IceDevimon, and Boltmon.

According to Polygon, "Digimon World: Next Order" features more than 200 Digimon with provisions for players to travel, raise, and train two Digimon at the same time. According to the game's overview, Machinedramons are running rampant and causing chaos.

Accordingly, the player's success would depend largely on battles and growth of Digimon partners, largely on how they are raised, trained, fed, disciplined, and more. It is also essential to create strong bonds with the Digimon partners to help them excel in AI battles on their own.

"Digimon World: Next Order" pre-order bonus

If you pre-order your copy of "Digimon World: Next Order," you will receive a Bonus DLC.

  • 2 x Game soundtracks
    • Original Digimon World Game Soundtrack
    • Digimon World: Next Order Game Soundtrack
  • Omegamon Ultimate Digivolution Core - Will allow Digimon to evolve in their ultimate form Omegamon. This pack gives the user an opportunity to fast-track Digimon evolution.
  • Adventure Aid Item Set - The pack contains consumable items that will help with progress. There are 68 items in total in this pack that ranges from healing, revival, medicine, and XP and level up items.

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