‘Super Mario Run’ Round Up Shows Nintendo Has A Winner [Video]


"Super Mario Run" was officially launched last December 15 for the iOS; Android versions of the game will roll out next year. It is the first time Nintendo developed a game for a smartphone and the only one in which the company developed a game for a non-Nintendo hardware. This could mean the start of a major business shift for Nintendo considering "Mario Super Run" became a big hit.

It is no surprise since "Super Mario Run" is fun, and it can be played using only one hand. Mario, in this mobile version, automatically runs once the game is started. All the player has to do is tap the screen to make him jump. Press and hold to make him jump higher, according to Fortune.

The "Super Mario Run" game dynamics is fairly the same as in the classic Mario game albeit having better graphics and sound. In addition, this time around, instead of focusing on where Mario moves, or in which direction he goes, the focus is now set on how the player times his jumps.

"Super Mario Run" is a commercial success

Not only is "Super Mario Run" fun to play, it turned out to be commercially successful as well. As of latest count, "Super Mario Run" has been downloaded 50 million times, according to Gamespot. Moreover, as a thank you to its fans, Nintendo is giving away 10 Toad Rally tickets as a celebration.

"Super Mario Run" is free to download; however, it would require a one-time fee of $10.00 to play the whole game. There are three game modes to choose from in "Super Mario Run": World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder. World Tour is the game's story mode, Toad Rally is a competitive mode in which players compete to collect coins and impress mushrooms or Toads. The bigger Toad following a player has, the more a player can build up his/her kingdom in Kingdom Builder.

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