Microsoft Studio Surface 2017 News: What Are The Pros And Cons In Buying Microsoft’s Surface


Microsoft recently revealed its new Surface Studio which is going to come out in early 2017. The upcoming Windows product has really nice features but there it also some downsides that could be improved to make it better.

Surface Studio - As Thin As An iPad But Runs on Windows

The new Microsoft Surface Studio looks sleek and it's quite thin for such a 28-inch screen device, according to winbeta. The screen also features an even resolution display due to the company's own PixelSense Display specs, which is also present in all Microsoft Surface Pro and Book. Thin devices are usually the province of Apple's iPad, but now, customers can get to use a stylishly thin Surface Studio that runs on Windows 10.

Surface Studio Has Three Models To Choose From

Microsoft is offering three variations for its Surface Studio, and the most powerful one is going to use Intel's 6th gen Core processor and the GPU is NVIDIA's GeForce. The other two may be less powerful but definitely more affordable.

Surface Studio - A Hybrid Just Like The Nintendo Switch

What's great about the Surface Studio is it's a hybrid, just like the Nintendo Switch. Users can use it just like a desktop computer and as a draft table. Needless to say, this upcoming Studio device is geared for artist and designers. Microsoft claims that it only takes a little time in learning how to use its features.

Surface Dial - Touch And Mouse Combo

The Surface Dial is a new accessory added to the Studio. Surface Pro and Surface Book users can also use the Surface Dial on their device once Microsoft rolls an update for them, but its use will depend on the application being utilized. While the Surface Dial works as a flicking tool for Microsoft Word documents, graphic artists can use the Dial as tool selection for color gradients, filters and brushes.

The Cons

Some Surface users, especially the artists, are not sure about the Pen. Other Surface model pens are noted for its lack of tilt and slow-line "jitters." The price is also one consideration since the basic Surface Studio will cost around $3,000, according to the Microsoft. This means that the high-end model will definitely cost more.

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