'Clash Of Clans' Age-Restricted In Iran; 'The Simpsons' Writers On Creating 'Clash-a-Rama' Detailed! [VIDEO]


Most fans are aware of the immense success and popularity of the acclaimed mobile game, "Clash of Clans." However, it would seem that the iconic smartphone app will be imposed with a limit in Iran, wherein the nature of the game has been met with some criticism. On a lighter note, fans will be pleased to know the creators behind the well-received online series, "Clash-a-Rama," according to sources.

"Clash of Clans," an online multiplayer freemium mobile MMO strategy video game by Supercell, tasks players to build their own towns by using resources and materials obtained from attacking other players in the game.

That being said, recent reports have shown that Iran has put limits on the accessibility of the popular "Clash of Clans" game to its players, BBC noted. It was said that the government committee concerned called for restrictions to the game based on following reports from psychologists, who criticized the game for promoting violence and tribal conflict.

The committee responsible for monitoring cyberspace in Iran has said that around 64 percent of the mobile gamers in Iran are actively playing the game and that it could have negative effects in one's family life, especially to teenagers who are addicted to the game.

It was further reported that some Iran-based players pointed out that local reports suggesting that "Clash of Clans" will be imposed with an age-limit that would affect players from accessing the game, which requires an online connection.

On a lighter note, fans will be surprised to know that the creators behind "Clash-a-Rama" are actually writers from the acclaimed TV series "The Simpsons," The Verge reported. It was said that the writers behind the acclaimed cartoon show were deeply hooked with the game and have taken inspiration from the mobile game to create a series based off of it.

As such, their obsession with "Clash of Clans" led to them creating "Clash-a-Rama," a YouTube series that is based off of the game and being released weekly. They said that the iconic "Portlandia" TV show has also influenced them in creating the atmosphere for "Clash-a-Rama."

With all these said, fans can attest to the immense popularity and impact of the mobile game, "Clash of Clans."

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