Apple TV News: First Update To Aerials For 4th Gen TV Detailed; 'Super Mario Run' Played On TV Via AirPlay [VIDEO]


Fans and tech savvy alike will be pleased to know that the Apple TV has recently added and updated its Aerial screen savers for its tvOS platform. As such, these same fans can expect more drone footage to be added to this feature. Moreover, it seems that fans and avid gamers alike of the acclaimed "Super Mario Run" can also enjoy the game on a bigger screen via AirPlay, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Apple has recently added a new set of high-definition Aerial screen savers for its 4th Gen Apple TV, AppleInsider has learned. It was said that the latest drone footage will feature some exotic locations and iconic places around the world.

It was stated therein that the fresh Aerial screen savers for the Apple TV will feature both day and night settings that were captured in China, Dubai, Liwa in the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Greenland, and Los Angeles City.

It was further mentioned that these new set of Aerial screen savers, which is composed of 21 new clips, for the fourth-generation Apple TV will be automatically downloaded and will sync to represent the time of day depending on the user's location.

Moreover, it was reported that this was first update that Apple made for its Aerials feature since it was launched along with the fourth-generation Apple TV and the Siri Remote back in September.

In other news, it would seem that fans will be able to play the recently released "Super Mario Run" on the Apple TV via the AirPlay, Tech Mic reported. It was first noted by the source that the people at Nintendo of America are considering porting the game for the tvOS but would wholly depend on the game's performance and reception after it's initial debut.

As such, the source went on to detail how fans can play "Super Mario Run" on their Appe TV using the AirPlay feature. It suggested that fans access the AirPlay button from their iPhones or iPads in order to mirror the images on the Apple TV.

Thus, fans can now view the game via their Apple TV while using their handheld devices as the controller.

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