Samsung Galaxy S8 News: Smartphone To Follow Apple's Specs By Removing Headphone Jacks? Home Button Removed For All-Screen? [VIDEO]


Most fans and tech savvy alike are aware that the market for smartphones is getting saturated with new products being released from left to right. Product reviews and phone comparisons around the web have helped numerous consumers out there sift through the devices that would fit their needs. As such, sources take on the speculated specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, which was reported to remove its headphones jack and sport an all-screen smartphone.

It was recently reported that a major leak regarding the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has left some critics wondering whether the company is about to make a huge mistake, Forbes noted. It was stated therein that Samsung might follow suit with Apple's footsteps of removing the headphone jack from its smartphones.

As such, the source pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has already taken out the feature of a removable battery from its smartphone specs. As for its flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is coming out in 2017, consumers might see it lacking a headphones jack.

It was further mentioned therein that removing the headphones jack in the specs of the Samusng Galaxy S8 would serve no purpose. Noting how Apple removed that feature from their smartphones in order to make it water resistance would not apply to Samsung, since it has already achieved that with the Galaxy S7 without compromising on the headphones jack.

Moreover, Forbes went on to highlight on the fact that Samsung customers wouldn't want to purchase another iPhone. By removing the headphones jack from the Samsung Galaxy S8's specs, the company would then lessen the differentiating factor it had with Apple's iPhones.

In other news, a mock-up design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 might actually be a close enough representation to depict the new design that the flagship smartphone will have, once it gets released in 2017, BGR reported.

The source cited a previous tweet by a graphic designer, Veniamin Geskin, via his official Twitter account. As rumors suggest that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will sport an all-screen design (doing away with the home button), the mock-up image was said to be an accurate look if ever the speculations do come out to be true.

As such, fans will just have to wait until the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out in 2017 to see if all of these do come up in the latest smartphone.

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