How To Tell If You’re A Functioning Adult in Your 20’s

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Just face it. You just graduated from college, set up bank accounts, finally searching for career opportunities. But at this stage, a lot of people are still struggling with the whole adult thing.

While there's no official announcement or declaration that will tell you that you are now a full-fledged adult, there are several signs to know that you're already living the real adult life, even when you can't feel it.

Here's a list from Business Insider to tell that you're no longer a kid.

You are more receptive to feedback

When you grow to be more mature, it is easier for you to receive feedback on how you could have done things better or when you made a mistake. You also are able to respond better even if you disagree with the feedback.

You are genuine when saying sorry

It is a sign of maturity when you know how to own up to your mistakes and sincerely apologize. The apology you give is also not something that you have forced yourself to do or to give. You also show how you are going to avoid that same mistake from happening moving forward.

You know how to manage your time wisely

Being an adult is learning how to prioritize things instead of juggling everything at the same time. At this stage, you have already learned that multitasking is not the answer to accomplishing your tasks in day but is rather about taking one step at a time.

You know how to empathize with others

Gone are the days when you just think about only yourself and no one else. You will know you are growing mature when you realize how you try to put yourself in other people's shoes now. And this is one important part of human interaction according to psychologists. In fact, studies suggest that empathetic people are the ones who are more likely to succeed in their workplace.

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