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Dec 28, 2016 12:15 PM EST

Practical Ways to Deal and Avoid Information Overload


Information overload is something that has already become quite familiar to many of us, from texts, tweets, emails, posts and articles on the Internet and in the social media. But, ironically, we still keep on clicking on them and reading them and spending minutes and even hours on them.

There may be a great flow of information around us, thanks to technology that makes it a lot easier for us to have access to those information. But, there are actually ways by which you can deal with them and avoid getting overload.

Here are some ways to feel a little less overwhelmed by too much information and get more things done.

Ignore the alerts and notifications

You don't necessarily have to go through each alert and notification in your phone. If you can disable them, much better. This way, you will only get to check on them whenever you get the chance to or when you have time instead of allowing them to distract you in the middle of work.

Customize what shows on your feeds

By choosing what shows on your feeds, you will be able to manage or reduce your tendency to click on every single post that pops up. You can also filter the ones that are going to be beneficial for you.


Take a day in a week or a month away from your phone or laptop or from social media. And do something else, do something you love like cooking, enjoying outdoors and you'll realize how less stressful it can be.

Prioritize the ones that are urgent

A lot of things can be deemed important but not all of it can be considered urgent. Know how these two things are different and you should be able to respond to the ones that require your immediate reply or response.

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