Tiffany Trump, Donald’s Daughter Had A Not-So-Wealthy School Life


One of Donald Trump's daughters, Tiffany Trump, made an appearance in the Law School world. While the latest reports indicate that she has toured the Law campus of Harvard with a few Secret Service agents, the daughter of the president-elect appears to have a less than glamorous life.

She is often called the forgotten daughter of Donald Trump. Compare Tiffany Trump's life to that of her older half-sister Ivanka Trump who has had her life under the spotlight ever since.

But according to sources close to Tiffany Trump, she is practically new to the spotlight, as reported by US Magazine. Since a source from inside the Harvard Law School admissions office said that Tiffany Trump has been accepted into the Class of 2020. However, that is the only information the source could reveal, as reported by SM Observed.

Now, her entry to the spotlight is gaining momentum and the internet is uncovering what her life was like prior to her father getting elected for president.

When Tiffany Trump was in high school as a 15 year old, she was living off of a tight wallet. Ivanka wrote in her book "The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life" how she asked Donald if Tiffany could have a credit card for Christmas so she can fit in with her friends. True enough, he allowed it but it had a $500 allowance only. Tiffany made sure she fit all her expenses to the last penny and did not go over budget.

Carrying the Trump name also had its downside. In college, she allegedly did not get into the secret society called Tabard Society. But Tiffany tries to keep a low profile nonetheless. She did not participate in her father's campaign until the last few weeks because she was still finishing school.

Now that Tiffany Trump is being seen touring Harvard Law School, many are already thinking of her future in Law and with the core Trump family.

Watch the video below as Donald Trump's youngest daughter, Tiffany, stepped into the campaign spotlight when she addressed the delegates at the Republican National Convention.

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