2017 New Year’s Resolutions High School Graduates And Incoming College Students Should Consider


With 2016 almost closing and 2017 getting nearer by the day, this also means a lot of people are making their New Year's resolutions.

While it is a great habit for many to throw out the old and welcome the new, it is often an overwhelming task for some. The pressure of making sure their New Year's resolutions are met, realistic and remembered can be quite stressful. Especially for high school students who are soon entering the world of higher education, starting the college year right and ending their high school year perfect is a high expectation.

In order to take the next step, college bound students can follow these New Year's resolutions:

Manage time effectively

It is an important habit to follow. College can be a mess of schedules and commitments. It is important to practice setting a schedule, as reported by My Central Jersey. Start by indicating when you will being and finish. Procrastination should not be present in college.

Free time can be put to good use

College admissions officers pay attention to extra curricular and volunteer activities in high school. These activities would often indicate how hard working high school students are when it comes to being a contributing member of the community.

Think "Big"

Think about the big picture which means that high school students should already think about the potential career paths they can take. It can start with what kind of major to take in college.

Aim for the highest GPA and SAT scores

Recommendation letters can help but admissions officers always look at college GPAs and SATs. Sometimes, getting higher scores and grades can be rewarding in the form of grants and scholarships. For those who have trouble with the PSATs, SATs, and ACTs, College Bound Review can help prepare high school students especially for those in Central Jersey.

These New Year's resolutions are practically doable. All it takes is the right attitude and hard work.

For some humor, check out the 2016 Celebrity New Year's Resolutions below:

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