'Skyrim: Special Edition’ | Surprise Game Changes; What to Expect For PC Patch [Video]


"Skyrim: Special Edition" has a lot more to offer than just performance improvements and better looking graphics. Several undocumented changes have been found that are said to be fascinating in their fussiness.

PCGamer learned, that there are seven little quirks that they found in "Skyrim: Special Edition."

Looting the torturer's hood

While escaping in "Skyrim: Special Edition" introduction, you get to fight a torturer who wears a hood in Helgen's prison. However, you will not be able to steal his hood until the arrival of the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood.

Save files

Managing saves in "Skyrim: Special Edition" is much easier now and can be done by using character names. Additionally, "quicksave" can also be found on the menu or a simpler method is pressing F5.

Vampires are not as deadly

The Dawnguard expansion would trigger vampire attacks and force your character to become a vampire hunter at about level nine. However in "Skyrim: Special Edition," townsfolk can shake off a vampire attack easily.

Toggled sprinting

Toggled sprinting in "Skyrim: Special Edition" is now easier. Previously, a player has to press down on the Alt button until the stamina button runs out. Now all the player has to do is to tap Alt once to sprint and tap again to stop.

Some alchemy ingredients are easier to come by

Flowers now abound in "Skyrim: Special Edition." Tundra Cotton grows all over the place.

Water sense

The water looks better in "Skyrim: Special Edition," as well as they now move around objects sensibly thanks to occlusion, whereas before, water remained undisturbed through objects.

Impressive civil war

Though not made for large-scale battles, "Skyrim: Special Edition" runs more smoothly. More combatants now join the fray rather than letting the player do all the dirty work.

"Skyrim: Special Edition" Patch 1.3 for PC

The patch for "Skyrim: Special Edition" includes stability and performance improvements that also addresses slow time effects that seemed to not behave as it should. It also addressed log in problems to The patch now also offer better support for 144Hz displays. Update 1.3 for consoles will come later, according to Gamespot.

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