'Dishonored 2': New Update Gives Gamers More Options To Murder; Update to Go Live Next Week [Video]


Two new updates will be coming to Dishonored 2. Said updates would provide avenues for the game to provide crossover abilities that will give players more options and ways to murder people.

Bethesda and Arkane studios announced the update would include the New Game Plus Mode. New Game Plus would allow gamers to play through Dishonored 2's main campaign with all abilities and skills that were unlocked and acquired in the initial run through of the game.

According to CinemaBlend, the update will go live on Monday, December 19th. The New Game Plus Mode will allow players of Dishonored 2 to access full access to the skills of the game's protagonists, Emily and Corvo.

To date, Dishonored 2's main character could only use skill sets and abilities in their respective skill trees. Players will have access to the New Game Plus Mode, which would be unlocked after beating the game. The Mode will now allow players to use skill and abilities from each other's characters that are listed in their respective skill tree.

Furthermore, Runes and Bonecharms that have been previously collected in the course of the game will now be carried over when playing Dishonored 2. Additionally, these Runes can now be re-assigned as the player sees fit, Engadget reported.

Bethesda also informed that Dishonored 2 updates brought along improvements to the game based on player feedback. Along with combining the protagonist's skills, players will now be able to create their own customized combos of multiple powers they can think of to use in the game.

According to Arkane Studios Creative Director Harvey Smith, the New Game Plus Mode is here for Dishonored 2 because their players asked for it. He adds that if they wanted to make high-powered characters, now is their chance. Accordingly, they said they are having fun playing with the new updates in their studios, which they hope their players would do too.

The first of the two free updates, Game Update 1is now released as a beta for the PC, the full version will be released for PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 on Dec. 19. Game Update 2 will be arriving in January 2017, which will include two new features: Mission Select and Custom Difficulty Settings.

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