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Pediatric Cancer Kids Visited By Superhero College Students


Cancer can be an overwhelming and difficult struggle for many patients. But when it comes to kids, they often find it hard to cope. Pediatric patients were treated to something special this year.

Zac Quinn and Brian Keller who are college students from the University of St. Thomas had started a business to raise funds for pediatric cancer research. These two college students focused on community service that enlisted the help of over 12,000 students coming from almost 800 different universities and colleges, as reported by Public News Service.

Quinn and Keller launched the "Love Your Melon" project. The concept came from pediatric cancer patients who had gone through the different types of chemotherapies and cancer stages. Their aim is to provide beanies and baseball caps for these kids. It started as a project that turned into a business. And half of the proceeds are dedicated to funding pediatric cancer research.

To make it happen, the hospitals welcomed college students dressed up in various super hero costumes in order to deliver the hats. But the giving does not stop there. They also shared their time with the kids by playing with them, doing arts and crafts and even performing for them. According to Alex Meysman, the National Events Director, it even went as far as having a celebrity come in.

With the help of the Minnesota Knitting Mills to make the beanies and Denver companies who make the baseball caps, "Love Your Melon" has been doing business for the past four years. On record, they have already provided over 86,000 caps to pediatric patients and have already funded over $1.5 million for cancer research.

According to Meysman, it is not only about college kids giving back and helping out in the community. It is also about bringing awareness about kids battling cancer and teaching the millennials something valuable.

Meysman believes that these college students can become the leaders of tomorrow by helping out and being selfless.

"Love Your Melon" made it to the news! Watch the video below:

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