Tom Cruise's 'The Mummy' Trailer, Casts: 3 Things Viewers Hate about The Reboot


Tom Cruise's "The Mummy" trailer and synopsis have been published and the story takes a modern-day setting that might look way different from its original trilogy. How do they compare according to the viewers?

Where do all the layers of linen cloths go?

Tom Cruise is no doubt, the top gun of the movie and his attempts to defeat the lady monster in the trailer deserves thumbs up.

This is the very first time that a mummy monster comes in form of a female. The Guardian sees Sofia Boutella with her four eyeballs as a staggering creature in "The Mummy" but viewers still want the idea of a classic story of mummified corps all wrapped in linen instead of a 21st century, Frankenstein-like, female monster as the enemy.

"The Mummy" goes to Middle East

The movie gets a darker touch from Alex Kurtzman whilst the trilogy is an action-packed adventure with no straight horror.

The new Mummy setting, however, is far different from its original movies as it involves Islamic State, London's modern-day, and ancient site that's yet to be revealed.

However, let's not forget the golden Pyramids as the settings and the Egyptian cults along with Imhotep and the gang - which could represent better ideas of the mummies.

"The Mummy" should never be remade?

As "The Mummy" trailer started to make headlines, some of the viewers prefer the original 'Rick and Evie'

Many viewers took Twitter to express their thoughts on how they like Brendan Fraser's version better.

The MovieWeb has learned that Russell Crowe will play a role as Dr. Jekyll X Mr. Hyde character, a member of a secret group. Many reviews have speculated that Crowe's appearance is one that would make the movie worth to watch.  

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