Because Making Someone Happy Will Make you Happier Says Psychologists


Happiness is found in helping others. This may be an old saying but its meaning never does get old. In fact, even scientific research provides proof that happiness comes from helping others and that this is how a person can live a more productive, fulfilling and meaningful life. Results from experiments show that altruism is connected to the brain which is why people find it pleasurable.

Giving, in contrary to what many people think, is not something that makes a person feel depleted. Here's how you can give and serve others in such a way that you feel great and fulfilled, instead of feeling empty.

Know your passion.

When you give, it does not matter how much you give but it's the amount of love that comes along with giving that matters. It's the cheerful heart that gives that makes a person feel fulfilled.

Share your precious time

Time is much more valuable than any material thing in the world. The value of money will soon be forgotten but the time you have shared with others will forever be cherished. You have the power to manage the time in your hands and it's all up to you to use it wisely. Devote a little of your time to help or to be of service to others.

Be proactive

When we are asked to give money for certain causes, often times, we give not because we want to but because we don't want to get embarrassed. If this is the case, it will not give you the feeling of satisfaction but rather of resentment. When you give, it's always better if it's done proactively, and when it comes from the heart.

Give to organizations and charities

You are more likely to feel happier when you give to charities because you know where your money is going.

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