'Man Of Steel 2' Top Priority For Warner Bros.; Amy Adams Confirms Movie Script In The Works [VIDEO]


It seems that a lot of comic book fans and movie buffs will be pleased to know that "Man of Steel 2" will definitely be hitting the big screens soon enough. Reports have suggested that Warner Bros. is giving the sequel some priority in development. Moreover, one of the cast members of the franchise has confirmed that the movie's script is already being worked on as we speak, according to sources.

Fans might be able to see Henry Cavill don the famous cape, yet again, as it was reported that "Man of Steel 2" will be going into active development at Warner Bros., The Wrap learned.

The source took note of the fact that the studio has been mum about any news and development for a possible "Man of Steel 2," which have led many to believe that a sequel might have been forgotten. However, it was stated therein that the follow up to the acclaimed "Man of Steel" movie is of utmost priority by the studio.

However, there hasn't been any confirmation regarding the release date for "Man of Steel 2." It was mentioned further that the studio has already lined up a slew of DC movies being released in 2017 and 2018, such as "Wonder Woman" set in June 2017 and "Aquaman" to debut on July 2018.

Albeit the lack of an exact release date for "Man of Steel 2," reports have indicated that a script for the sequel is already in the works as per Amy Adams, Cosmic Booknews noted. It was stated therein that Adams knows that a movie script is already being worked on.

In a separate interview with the source, Adams said she mostly finds out news about "Man of Steel 2" after they've already been announced. However, she does know that the writers are working on the script.

That being said, it would seem that fans will have to wait a bit more until news surface again confirming a release date for "Man of Steel 2" in the future.

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