SpaceX Launching Iridium-1 In January 2017: Will It Finally Make It After The Explosion Of Falcon 9? (VIDEO)

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SpaceX is really serious that they do want to revolutionize space technology. The company is trying to set another launch by January 2017. It seems that Elon Musk's goal to launch an unmanned space capsule heading towards Mars by 2018 is really happening,

SpaceX is currently wrapping-up investigation.

In a statement released by the company, SpaceX said that they are almost done with the investigation on what caused the explosion last September 1, 2016. They are now in the final stages of preparation to make sure that the launch set for January 2017 is going to proceed without a hitch. SpaceX believes that they have enough time to test and prepare for the launching of Iridium-1, Forbes reports.

What's the cause of Falcon 9 explosion?

Last September 1, Falcon 9 exploded. The spacecraft was already on its second stage when the explosion happened. At the time of the explosion, it was being filled up with super-cold liquid oxygen. SpaceX said that the root of the explosion is the helium tank. The issue can be easily fixed by changing the process of loading up fuel in the tank.

It is believed that if the cause of the explosion is just a procedural one, it is easier to fix rather than having a technical or hardware problem. This is not the only setback SpaceX had over the years, CNET reports. Back in 2015, Falcon 9 suffered another mishap and was not able to complete its mission.

SpaceX is moving forward to the future.

Rather than letting a few setbacks hamper the company's plan, SpaceX is forging ahead with its plan to launch Iridium-1 by January 2017. Space engineering is truly challenging but if SpaceX can achieve the goal of making spaceflight cheaper in the future, it can indeed revolutionize the future of space technology. Mars here we come!

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