‘Fallout 5’ Is Not Yet In Pre-Production, But Fans Are Giving Bethesda Feedback To Improve Sequel To ‘Fallout 4’ [Video]


"Fallout 5" is most likely not yet in pre-production as Bethesda's Pete Hines refused to make any comments until official announcements have already been made. Despite Bethesda's silence and refusal to give information on "Fallout 5," fans and players of "Fallout 4" are now giving their own recommendations to further improve the future sequel.

"Fallout 4" is just a year-old, indicating that a sequel or a new "Fallout 5" might not happen anytime soon as can be surmised from Hines' refusal to discuss the game to a fan on Twitter, GamingBolt has learned. Instead, fans and players of the popular "Fallout 4" have given their feedback on the existing game and what new changes they hope to see in "Fallout 5."

See Less In "Fallout 5"

"Fallout 5" needs to have a variety of missions and less of the filler "fetch quests" that have become tiring and even annoying in "Fallout 4." Moreover, the "settlement-capture" feature should be lessened, only available when players have their own factions, for instance, so that Preston Garvey will no longer be the scourge of many "Fallout 4" gamers.

Though the presence of ferals is justified in a radiated setting, fighting these over and over again will not keep players engaged, indicating that Bethesda should have less of the feral ghouls and have more varied enemies. The "Fallout" series actually had some interesting enemies like giant ants, super mutants and radroaches but for some fans, "Fallout 4" showcased a tamer lot that hopefully will be improved by its sequel according to WhatCulture.

See More in "Fallout 5"

Having stated more missions and diverse enemies, fans of "Fallout 5" expect to have a more improved NPC intelligence like giving fair warning to players when an item has been accidentally picked up or stolen. In this way, companions will not turn aggressive in an instant over a stupid error, especially when they barely react when shot accidentally.

More interestingly, players are clamoring for pre-nuclear war missions, even just one or two, so that gamers can see how the environment was before the war. Top on the list of must-have for "Fallout 5" is for Bethesda to have better graphics especially for newest-gen consoles like the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio.

Other "Fallout 5" must-haves include more interesting vaults, improved building own settlement features and even putting in tutorials for complex tasks like installing electricity.

"Fallout 5" Location and Companion

Bethesda should also provide companion characters with more varied gameplay like having an expert in sneaking or head-on fighting. It would also be more stimulating to have a different location outside the US like in Russia, Europe or Asia.

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