‘Fall Out 5’ Ongoing Game Production Hullabaloos Ungrounded; ‘Fall Out 4’ Director Gaming Hall of Famer

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Rumors circulating online about the possible release date and features of the post nuclear role playing video game series "Fall Out 5," which is developed and published by Interplay Entertainment remained to be ungrounded. This was confirmed by Ryan Alosio, himself, the voice actor of "Fall Out 4" after he accidentally announced in Instagram that "Fall Out 5" is in pre-production.

Much to the dismayed of the video game fans, Alosio deleted the announcement minutes later and claimed that all was just a folly, and a prank he had for his followers, however, fans are still hopeful that eventually "Fall Out 5" may be realized soon.

Techcyton speculated that if Interplay Entertainment decided to push through about adding another sequence in the "Fall Out" series then "Fall Out 5" would be an admirable action RPG video game that can be enjoyed by gamers around the world. It further speculates that "Fall Out 5" game will be set in the year 2297 given the trend of years set for "Fall Out 3" in the year 2277 and "Fall Out 4" of the year 2287.

Since "Fall Out 4" seemed to be short in few features, the source added that the next series would surely be an improved version of the game. It will take graphics because of its future tour and expect features like, shooting gun, hit detection, a good accuracy system, extensive location cover, better graphics, better interactivity, easy user interface and great missions to complete. A multi-player mode is also seen if ever, instead of a single player mode.

Meanwhile, there is much to celebrate for "Fall Out 4" at the moment since its game director Bethseda's Todd Howard has been named as the 22nd inductee of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science Hall of Fame. He will be awarded during the DICE (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Awards ceremony on February 23, 2017 in Las Vegas, Gamespot has learned. Another Bethesda veteran and marketing executive Pete Hines, will present Howard with the award.

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